Believing in innovation is the only sustainable strategy to create long-term value.


We transform innovation into an evolutionary advantage for our clients. Our brand is a socially responsible microbiology and an entrepreneurial attitude. Protecting health through prevention, and achieve prevention through rapid and reliable detection of harmful microorganisms in the environment.

Our Insight into innovation is bring the view of technology closer to the view of business model (mentality of connection), understand, satisfy and exceed the expectations of our clients (mentality of achievement), and align the creative force of the people (employees and others) with consecution of objectives (mentality of group).

Therefore our Organization have a comprehensive R&D vision (mentality of service), search synergies with other technologies/products (mentality of integration), is adaptative to rapidly react front of changes (mentality of adaptation), is pro-active to create context promoting a more challenging market (mentality of coopetition) and imply the clients in actual applications which generate value (mentality of cooperation).

Our contribution is a Tissue of competitive R&D by means of a vertical growth of the technology with integration of others, to deliver an scaling of the customer benefits and a horizontal expansion towards other markets.

Our R&D has a vision of 360 degrees In contact with customers and their needs. So we are present in social networks, opened to all people who want to know our work. A multidisplinar team whose objective is to help the customer.

The prevention of biological risk is our mission by Catalizing significant advances on the early detection of pathogenic microorganisms and helping to take timely steps to reduce the likelihood of illness or to avoid damages on either biological or industrial processes.

Detection of microorganisms using bio-reagents with high Added value by conjugating bio-molecules with chemically activated supports. This is our proposal and we want to share it with you.

Wellcome to Biótica.

G R Albalat 

R&D Manager