Knowing the recurrent appearance of cases of legionellosis worldwide has motivated us to help for protecting public health. We taken time to promote the incorporation of rapid techniques for detecting Legionella, without breaking the standard process of culturing and maximizing the use of only one concentrate from only one water sample.
Our idea is to provide quick information for the user in charge of the problem without duplicating the cost of sampling. For this reason we want to put new possibilities at your disposal. Essentially, you have the possibility of detecting target bacterium by its capturing with magnetic microspheres, in only 1 hour. At the end of the quick test, you can preserve captured bacteria, for other subsequent studies (culture, DNA) requiring more time but whose results could be important. In this way you are adding now the value of anticipation, for both early prevention and rapid action on suspected installations that resulted positive by quick test.
Our proposal is an strategy, called Libox (Legionella Information Box) base on the use of the only test certified by AOAC RI for the fast detection of Legionella sp., Legipid® Legionella Fast Detection test, without additional instrumentation.
Libox answers three questions that at some point you have done in your career:
- Why discard most of useful information from a sample of water?
- Could I have quick information without breaking the standard procedure?
- Could I integrate the prevention, control and identification without duplicating the cost of sampling and filtration?
Libox provides a procedure for:
- concentrating only one sample; you don´t need duplicate sampling and filtering costs.
- using a minor part of the sample concentrate for culturing standard; you are complying with regulated culture analysis.
- taking advantatge of the other part of the sample concentrate for capturing bacteria with magnetic microspheres and then:
- Detecting if you have or not Legionella and at what level in only 1 hour. 
- Reserving captured bacteria for obtaining information at long-medium term:
- isolating other one the bacterium by culture, if the above culture did not growth ( for example, because interferent microflora was present but now absent in the washed bio-pellet)
- identifying DNA sequence (because when bacteria are captured, also is captured its genetic material, then you can amplify this material when you want, free of interferent compounds)
Libox is based on the use of the only test that has been certified by AOAC for the fast and reliable detection of Legionella sp., by means of magnetic capture, without additional instrumentation.
Clear advantatge is derived: discover and use the most useful information contained in the water sample, and prepare your samples for the available techniques you want to use, starting from the bio-pellet available at the end of quick test. You know if you have positive in one hour and simultaneously you have the separated bacteria to study it when you want by the way that you want. 
Welcome to Libox. No doubt to contact us.