Cleanpid Easy Purification kit for Legionella



Unconclusive results by qPCR?   Inhibition problems?   Complex matrices? 


"Legionellae DNA extraction is particularly problematic when different types of microorganisms may be present. Clean your sample and then work with Legionella alone"

Cleanpid® Easy Purification  kit  provides you the purified sample that you need for better Legionella detection. Download flyer

Figure 1 Technology of Cleanpid Easy Purification kit

Cleanpid® Easy Purification  kit  gives you the simple method for the separation and purification of Legionella in water samples:

1 Add  Legionella binding magnetic beads on the sample contained in the capture tube and mix by repeated pipetting. Incubate for 60 min with gently shaking. See scheme of Capture


Figure 2A Mixing magnetic beads with the samples  


 Figure 2B Magnetic beads capturing Legionella cells

2 Place the tube on the magnetic rack to separate magnetic beads and discard supernatant. See scheme of Separation


Figure 3 Complexes legionella-beads are separated by magnets 

3 Resuspend the magnetic beads (complexes) with the working buffer by gently repeated pipetting. Retain again the beads and discard the supernatant (3X). See scheme of Washing

 Figure 4 After washing steps, complexes Legionella-beads are resuspended

Ready to extract DNA of Legionellae by thaw/freeze cycles (simple and cost-effective). See scheme of Extraction

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