Pack 10 tests

Legipid Legionella Fast Detection pack 10 test

This pack is provided in a package that maintains the proper temperature of the reactives until to storage in frigde. Includes the reagents required for 10 tests ( test reference ID 311-10-01). The reagents contained in the pack 10 is shown in the following table:

ID Reagent/Component Quantity Provided
L0 Diluent 1 bottle (110 mL)
L1 Immunomagnetic particles 10 single-doses (10 x 1mL)
L2 Washing buffer
1 bottle (200 mL)
L3 Enzyme-labeled anti-L. sp. 10 single-doses (10 x 1 mL)
L4 Enzyme co-substrates 5 tetra dose (5 x 5ml)
L5 Stopping reagent 1 bottle (2 mL)
CB Cuvette 10 units
DP Disposable pipette 15 units


Magnetic particle concentrator (311-MP4-SP) and cuvettes (311-10-CB) can be supplied separately.

Once received, the kit must be stored between +2°C and +8°C, preferably at +4°C, as it is indicated on the reagent tube or bottle and also in the package for 10 tests. Reagents stored between +2°C and +8°C can be used until the expiration date indicated on this package insert. All reagents include their own lot number in their labeling. Moreover, the package of 10 tests includes a code, lot number and shelf life, so traceability is warranted. Storage conditions are also included in the labeling of each reagent, and also in the pack. A certificate of analysis can be requested to the manufacturer.

Download protocol (pdf)