Biotica presented Legiolab the automatized Legionella equipment at Chillventa in Germany


Biótica Bioquímica Analítica and EWK, a European reference in producing cooling towers, presented the first online system to detect and quantify Legionella for cooling towers, Legiolab (, at the 2018 Chillventa Fair (Nuremberg, 16-18 October). This equipment was developed by the Castellón-based company Biótica, which is partly owned by Grupo Gimeno and located in the Science, Technology and Business Park (Espaitec) of the Universitat Jaume I in Castellón.

Chillventa is the most important international trade fair in the sector of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps, which takes place every 2 years in the city of Nuremberg’s exhibition centre, Germany.

Legiolab is equipment that automatically detects Legionella based on the Legipid® Legionella Fast Detection kit by Biótica. This system employs magnetic particles with antibodies that allow the amount of Legionella present in a water sample to be captured and quantified in just 1 hour, as opposed to 12 days that the conventional method takes. Legiolab is the first system in the world to provide results from the concentration of Legionella in a building in real time, it produces an immediate response, and can even monitor the process from any mobile device.

Companies from several countries visited the stand where Legiolab was on show. They showed much interest in the possibility of automatically controlling the presence of Legionella in buildings. As a result of a European project called ULISENS (Ultra Legionella Immunoanalysis System for Early Sensing) that formed part of the SME Instrument H2020 programme, this equipment has been considered a milestone in the online control of Legionella in cooling towers, and attracted the attention of the main companies in the sector.

This is the first time that collection, filtering and testing tasks done with samples taken directly from cooling towers have all been included. Its methodology is based on the IMS (immunomagnetic separation system) patented by Biótica, which enables the quantity of Legionella present in a water sample to be quantified in just 1 hour, as opposed to 10-12 days that conventional plate cultures take.

Thus Biótica has been established as a reference in innovation in developing methodologies to detect pathogens like Legionella.

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