Legipid® recommended for the Legionella control in hospitals

Pleased to share the study of the University Hospital Clinic (Valencia, Spain) “New immunomagnetic separation method to analyze risk factors for Legionella colonization in health care centres”, published in Journal of exposure science & environmental epidemiology. 
To our knowledge, this study is the first to report hospital-based testing for Legionella to examine risk factors associated with Legionella colonization by defining a Legionella positivity index which combines three different analytical techniques (culture, PCR and IMS). 
Additionally, clinicians are encouraged to consider the use of IMS method (#Legipid) in environmental routine testing for Legionella, given speed of Legionella detection, its ability to detect viable but non-culturable forms and its similar sensitivity to culture, even higher in hot water. Obtaining results on the same day can be key when applying corrective measures. 

Available in open access: https://rdcu.be/cIMnu 

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