The Water Management Society Rapid Microbiology Industry has included the Legipid Test in their guides

The Water Management Society Rapid Microbiology Industry Liaison Group has produced a series of factsheets  - these guides are intended to give an unbiased and objective view on the latest commercially available rapid testing technologies.  These are brief, factual guides which were previously only available to WMSoc members, but have now been made freely available to download.  The series currently consists of factsheets on:

  • IMS (Legipid)
  • MPN (Legiolert™)
  • MPN (Pseudalert™)
  • PCR (Biotecon Diagnostics)
  • PCR (Bio-Rad)
The commitment in incorporating rapid techniques into upcoming Legionella regulations is a necessary step towards the technological upgrading of our resources to face up to this growing health problem. We are proud to see IMS technique (Legipid) adopted.
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