New Aproach to Environmental Investigation of an explosive Legionnaires' disease outbreak in Spain



Rapid microbiological analysis helped to the early identification of potential risk sources in a Legionnaires´ disease outbreak, reducing decision-making processes according to the actual needs of the intervention in public health and shortening the exposure of the population.


Protocolized and immediate intervention in an outbreak is a crucial issue to reduce their effects on public health. For this, identification and control of the suspicious sources able to disseminate the bacteria and cause the illness is required. Rapid analytical techniques like immunomagnetic separation (IMS) method based on the whole bacterial cell detection are shown as excellent tools to investigate all the potential sources of risk.


New approach to environmental investigation of an explosive legionnaireś disease outbreak in Spain: Early identification of potential risk sources by rapid Legionella spp immunosensing technique. BMC Infectious Diseases. Cebrián F, Montero JC, Fernández PJ. 18. 696. 10.1186/s12879-018-3605-8

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