Filterpid (Cat. No. 211-10-00) is an easy and complete solution to prepare a sample to be analysed by rapid methods. It shows superior separation performance of Legionella from the original water samples. Includes pure water, surface water, tap water, and industrial water.

The assembled system comprises a 60 ml-syringe connected directly to a hollow polypropylene fiber filter (0.2µm nominal pore size) in a compact cartridge (micro-filtration unit) or connected through a pre-filter (syringe glass fiber filter of 2.7µm nominal pore size) in case of very dirty samples, so a water-flux remarkably larger than that of the conventional filtration method can be achieved.


Filterpid can be used without any pump. Original water sample passes through the centre of the hollow fibers by manually pushing the 60 mL-syringe (positive pressure). The bacteria are then retained inside the hollow fiber filter (retained). The elution is made by connecting a 10 ml-syringe at end of the unit.

Some of the main advantages of Filterpid:

  • Avoids the use of vacuum pumps.
  • Avoids the need to autoclave.
  • Eliminates centrifugation.
  • Reduces working time.
  • Improves recovery rates.
  • Increases filtration throughput.
  • Allows an easy elution in the recovery step, prior to analysis by Legipid® or Cleanpid®.



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