Cleanpid® Easy Purification kit for Legionella (Cat. No. 611-10-CL) is a simple and rapid method for the separation and purification of Legionella sp in potable, natural and industrial water. The method is based on Legionella binding magnetic beads for the immunocapture of Legionella cells, following the pre-concentration of a sample.

Original water sample is concentrated by filtration or similar, and the retentate is eluted. A 1 ml-portion of this prepared sample is dispensed into the capture tube.

A suspension of Legionella binding magnetic beads is added. Legionella cells present in the prepared sample will bind to the antibodies immobilized onto the surface of the beads, to form bacteria/bead complexes. As these complexes can be separated by a magnet, they can be easily washed and resuspended.

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