This is a magnetic concentrator, which fits 4 vials in order to perform 4 Legipid® tests. This way, several samples can be analysed simultaneously. Our suggestion is to use a maximum of 3 MP4 racks manually at the same time (11 samples + 1 negative control).




If the batches of sample to be tested are of 12 and over, BIOTICA recommends to use also an orbital shaker. This allows to perform up to 20 tests at the same time, since the shaker has a platform which can fit up to 5 MP4s.

This MP4 racks do not generate any biohazard nor aerosols, they can be used again and again and allow the analyst to scale the number of racks to the size of the batch of samples to be tested. Their convenient shape make them very useful to analyze samples anywhere on-site.

It consists of 3 different pieces, as described on the following picture:

  • CH: cuvette holder

  • MH: magnet holder

  • BB: box bracket

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