PACK 20 TEST (Ref. 311-10-03)

This pack includes all the reagents and cuvettes necessary for 20 reactions (Ref: 311-10-03), reserving one of them for a negative control per batch. It carries a packaging that maintains the appropriate temperature of the reagents, which must be stored refrigerated as soon as they reach their destination. Depending on the usual batch size, its execution can be manual (support /s MP4, Ref. 311-MP4-SP), with the use of automatic pipette, or with the help of a platform (Complete MP4, 311-MP4-00). For usual batch size of 12 or more reactions (one negative control and 11 or more samples) the platform is recommended.

Support with magnets (Ref: 311-MP4-SP) or platform (Ref. 311-MP4-00) is supplied separately. In addition to the different accessory materials of the kit. 

All reagents include their own batch number and storage conditions. Such conditions are also found on the packaging. In addition, the protocol includes code, batch number and expiration date, ensuring the traceability of all reagents. The certificate of analysis can be provided on demand.

The platform (Ref. 311-MP4-00) includes an orbital agitator (311-MP4-AGT), 5 MP4 supports (311-MP4-SP), a lidded platform (311-MP4-P) and a positioner mat for the supports (311-MP4-TC).

The reagents contained in the pack 40 are shown in the following table:



Quantity Provided



1 bottle (210 mL)


Immunomagnetic particles

1 bottle (21 mL)


Washing buffer

1 bottle (375 mL)


Enzyme-labeled anti-Legionella sp.

1bottle (21 mL)


Enzyme co-susbtrates

10 tetra dose (10 x 5 mL)


Stopping reagent

1 bottle (2.2 mL)



20 units


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