Biotica organises the event “Legionella in 1 hour: the IMS technique” in Seville

The company Biótica Bioquímica Analítica specialises in developing and commercialising rapid techniques to detect microorganisms. It is organising an event to present the immunomagnetic separation (IMS) technique, which is able to provide results the same day that samples are taken, on 13 June at the Cartuja Science and Technology Park in Seville.

This technique developed by the Castellón-based company is an innovative alternative to traditional culture-based detection methods as it allows which bacterium and in what quantity it appears in a sample to be ascertained in just 1 hour. The information obtained with this technique allows rapid and suitable anticipation and decision making in both routine cases and outbreaks.

The immunomagnetic separation (IMS) technique provides results on the same day that samples are taken, and detects potentially infectious bacteria as it is found in the heart of complex matrices. Thus it supplements other methods, like cultures or PCR, by providing a preventive value, and can even be applied to these techniques to improve their robustness. The three techniques are already contemplated in Standard UNE100030:2017, which reflects a technical and professional consensus.

This event, which addresses professionals from the public/private health sectors, aims to make known this technique, its basis, characteristics, limitations, applications, case studies, experiences with others and its legal context in-depth. Basically, the aim is to encourage participation in innovation that opens doors to socially responsible microbiology.

The price to attend this event is €121 (including VAT). Anyone interested in attending must contact Mireia Lázaro or Begoña Bedrina by ringing (+34) 964 108 131 or writing to:


Download the schedule of this event // Download the registration form

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