Biotica has received the physical document of the patent in USA

The improvement of health issues, the quality of life, and the increasing life expectancy of the population, makes biotechnology and environmental health to be a strategic sector in the coming years. But the valencian and spanish technological production reports indicate a slowdown in the rate and volume of patent applications, with even negative growth performance. In Spain the number of biotechnology patents has decreased by more than 15%.  
Today we have received the physical document of the patent in USA (we have already the patent in Europe and Japan) of the own invention that enabled us to develop Legipid (a rapid test to detect Legionella in water) and it will support future developments by Biotica. An added value to the company that will protect their products and their innovative efforts. Thanks to all those who are happy for us. It is our desire to share with clients and collaborators this milestone in the history of Biotica, highlighting his contribution to get new applications of science and to change our productive model by another knowledge-based model able to generate qualified employment.

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