Biótica offers training in Fast Legionella Detection System in Toledo

Biótica offered a training event in the fast detection of Legionella (Legipid®) at the Regional Ministry of Health in the city of Toledo by a system based on immunomagnetic separation.


The company Biótica Bioquímica Analítica is specialised in fast legionella detection by immunomagnetic separation.

On Friday 27 January 2017, a training event in the fast detection of Legionella (Legipid®) was held at the Regional Ministry of Health in the city of Toledo, which is a system based on immunomagnetic separation (IMS). This technique consists in detecting viable Legionella cells with specific antibodies to detect and quantify bacteria in only 1 hour as opposed to the 10-14 days that conventional culture tests take.

This training was attended by the laboratory test units of the General Public Health Management of the Spanish Autonomous Community Castilla La Mancha, the Director of Public Health of this community, Manuel Tordera Ramos who, in turn, was accompanied by Fernando Cebrián Gómez, Head of the Environmental Health, Occupational Health Service and Public Health Laboratories, and by Pedro José Fernández Martínez, the Coordinator of the Public Health Laboratories in Castilla la Mancha.

The purpose of this training event was for views and experiences to be exchanged with the Regional Castilla la Mancha Government, the laboratory technicians in charge of guaranteeing public health in Castilla La Mancha, and the company Biótica, a biotechnology firm located at the espaitec Park. Biótica is specialised in developing fast tests to detect pathogens in environmental samples with several products available on the market that offer early Legionella detection. In this case, its product is called Legipid® Legionella Fast Detection.

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